Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Happy Holidays to One and All!

Happy Holidays! As the end of 2015 draws to a close, before the last grain of sand falls from the hourglass, the last Wild Indigo blog for 2015 includes a collage of photos from both oddities found in the Celtic Garden as well as magnificent photos taken in a curious exhibit in Pittsburgh, PA.

First before we begin let me just thank you readers, who span the countries of Poland, Turkey, China, Russia, the Netherlands, Germany, Finland and France to name a few, including those in the States for reading the musings of this blog. Whether it be for information, fun or the photos, thank you! Its been fun researching, photographing and sharing my thoughts with you.

Now here in North Carolina our current weather pattern is bewildering to say the least. Meteorologists are forecasting 80 degrees on Christmas Day! Its currently raining cats and dogs outside and with the balmy temps I'm crossing my fingers the trees and flowers won't be duped into emerging from their very short hibernation!

Case in point: I think some of my plants are confused.


So for the first time ever, the Celtic Gardens will have blooming nasturtiums just in time for Christmas!  The yellow variety bloomed in November but the red variety is currently in bloom with more flowers on the way!

And much to my delight the sage plant in the crescent moon garden is also blooming! These deep purple almost black flowers have a velvety appearance and small showy white stamens inside the flower. Not sure if the local bees will enjoy this botanical delicacy but other curious pollinators sure will.

Decking the Halls Coma ~ Fa La La La La
Photobomb courtesy of Annie Mae

 Phipps Conservatory, located in Schenely Park, Pennsylvania is a treat for any botanical enthusiast. The gardens, founded in 1883 by Henry Phipps, was gifted to the City of Pittsburgh but currently is operated by a non-profit organization. Turns out Phipps gets its green not just from the exotic plants inside or membership fees. The entrance way is LEED certified (Silver level) whereas the actual greenhouse received Platinum cert and is the first and only greenhouse in the world to receive such recognition.
Phipps Conservatory Main Entrance

There are fourteen rooms to explore ranging from palm gardens, sunken gardens, spicy gardens and tropical forest gardens. One of my fav's was sitting in the stillness of the cool night air watching the carp mull about in the outdoor Japanese Garden. You can read more about the facility and check out their blog here.

Star of Bethlehem
Crocodile Cheers
"Wishing Well" in the Parterre de Broderie

Desert Room
Tropical Forest Conservatory

South Conservatory
Brilliant Outdoor LED Light Display

As 2015 winds down to a halt we at Celtic Gardens wish you and yours a wonderful holiday season filled with laughter and joy with friends and family. 2016 holds much promise and we're looking forward to our bright future!

And as always, may happiness be rays of sunshine in your mind, body and soul.  Cheers!