Monday, February 9, 2015

Ahhhh Balmy February ..... You Tease Us So!

So its February 9th but you'd never know it considering the beautiful balmy weather we've had here the past two days! Honey bees were buzzing about and the neighborhood streets were full of ambitious folks walking dogs or riding bikes catching a breath of fresh spring-like air.  But winter isn't finished with us yet as a cold front is blowing in as I type. Spring can't be too far behind though - the grape hyacinths are blooming in a pot out on the deck!

So this week's topic of interest is:  plant abuse (da da daaa!) We all know one them - those simpletons who through no fault of their own kill more plants than the wake of Pepé Le Pew's odorous spray. Its been told that even silk flowers reach an untimely demise in the hands of such folk!

Enter Kalanchoe stage right
Don't worry, if you happen to be one of those said plant abusers not only are you in good company but have I got a plant for you! Consider the Kalanchoe. (pronounced Kalencoo) Its a succulent and apparently there's a wide variety of plants in this particular species so you'd have lots of varieties to choose from. Generally speaking, succulents can thrive indoors requiring little to no water except when blooming is about to take place.  They love southern light exposure although mine sits near the patio doors facing east but is still thriving. During the winter months - their dormancy period - they prefer their climate be on the cooler side as they gear up for their yearly blooming extravaganza.  But I'll leave the fine details up to the experts!

This sweet plant definitely displays leaves characteristic of succulents. I love these burnt-red scalloped edges. Notice the root ball on this plant in the next photo. At the time the root ball was dry as a bone. This plant's got some serious will power to thrive considering my utter lack of attention towards it.

Poor gal really needs to be transplanted!
And then I took notice of the buds.........

Now the above photo is a week old. My hope in forcing the bloom this week took place after giving this dear plant a good soak in the "tub" yesterday.  I placed the pot in a bowl of tepid water and let her drink 'til her hearts content.  This simple effort was well worth the reward for today she bloomed!

Plants are a lot like our bodies. They thrive best when their needs are met but some will withstand considerable levels of abuse before finally throwing in the towel.

This plant reminds me a little of myself.  (Remember, I'm on a "Wild" journey this year. I've actually named it "Wild Indigo.") I can thrive in life, even while being rooted up in a ball of negativity, but only up to a certain point.  I'm just budding, not blooming. There's a process of letting go of negative things previously held on to, dealing out some forgiveness to myself and to others, which has really empowered me.  Replacing my mind's negative self-chatter with positive affirming thoughts about who I am is unveiling the beautiful woman I'd forgotten I am. Those buds are getting what they need to create a new life in which I can do nothing else but bloom and shine.

So maybe after this little gal is done blooming I'll give her a much needed spa makeover! Who knows what she'll look like next year with a bit more effort on my part to give her what she really needs.

Life is good!

Until next week, may happiness be a ray of sunshine in your mind, body and soul.


P.S. For you local yokels, Sonshine Soaps are curing and will be available for sale by February 21st!

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