Friday, July 24, 2015

Wings -n- Things

Greetings Wild Indigo readers! Its a gorgeous day here in the 'Ville with sunshine and less humidity. Although the sun is getting lazier these days produce is plentiful and dare I say at it's peak! The local farmers markets are overflowing with seasonal offerings many of which are at their height of plenty so be sure to scope out a farmers market near you and indulge in the goodness!

So once again as the post title gives it away, we've got more garden insects in store this week.  As promised I nabbed a photo of the cocoon of a Eastern Black Swallowtail but first things first.

While at a local family owned nursery I spied this little one hovering shamelessly on a stand of fuchsia petunias.  This is not a hummingbird but one of sorts.  This is a hummingbird moth, commonly mistaken for a hummingbird for obvious reasons.  But if you looked closely you'd see why it resembles a hummingbird and also why it certainly does not. It does hover and drink nectar in the same fashion as hummingbirds do but with close inspection one can see the marked differences, namely just that - the markings.  Plus the body size differs as these guys are - excuse me for saying - a bit "chubbier."

So its hard to believe that a creature that looks like this .....

..... Morphs into this! Yep I found an Eastern Black Swallowtail cocoon on my fennel! Now I remember doing a "book report" 'cause back in the day BEFORE the internets reference materials were published in book/encyclopedia format detailing the life cycle of butterflies. To this day they still fascinate me, as you can see.  I love how it suspends itself by the silky parachute chysalis which in basic terms is its dead skin.  Still a marvel to look at, I must say.

Now this is a yellow swallowtail who graced its presence a few days ago and was quite willing to let me photograph its beauty. I'll let the pictures speak for themselves. 


I hope you enjoyed this all be it short yet fluttery blog this week but now I must sciddaddle outta here!

As always may happiness be a ray of sunshine in your mind, body and soul.  : )

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