Monday, March 23, 2015

Blooms -n- Sprouts with a Heavy Dose of Passion

Welcome back friends to Wild Indigo where this week we're all about blooms -n- sprouts with a heavy dose of passion! The Celtic Gardens are buzzing with activity so this week we'll let the pictures tell the tale.

If you read last week's blog you'll remember our rosemary is in bloom.  This little guy ~ I've aptly named him Zeus ~ was having a hay day romping amongst the flowers as evidenced by the wad of pollen  on his face. Someone hand him a hanky ! Its uncommonly known that Zeus preferred rosemary pollen over milk & honey hands down. Way to raise 'em Melissa!


The Martha Washington Asparagus has made its second appearance in the Celtic Gardens. To date six of the ten originally planted crowns are showing promising signs of life. Since this Spring marks the first full year of their residence at the garden (they were planted late last Spring) I didn't know exactly when they'd start shooting up through the ground so I'm thrilled to see most are still thriving despite the exceptionally cold winter. The ground is warming up and maintaining a pleasing temperature for their liking. Yipee!!
 Golden Snow Pea germination

Now I've been told that bragging rights are in order for the Celtic Garden's Passion Vine, so we'll give botanical acclaim its due. Otherwise noted as an annual but obviously in these parts a perennial, mind you the growth you see is from one plant and one plant only.  It relishes full-time hard core Southern sun exposure. (hey where's the baby oil?) Not photographed is a sidewalk entrance way to the garden which may have provided some ambient heat. The car port overhang gives some frost protection and just enough, it appears, as it has withstood the coldest blast of arctic air we've seen in years AND still kept its greenery! Apart from giving it a good layer of mulch and watering it before heavy frost events, this passion vine deserves your applause for it has sustained itself with gusto. In case you've never seen its flower, check out the next picture. 

Passiflora Caerulea

Obviously this flower was photographed last summer. But she's a beauty and flaunting herself wildly without even blushing. (Vern call the cops! That naked lady is streaking the neighborhood again!) Funny how one plant can simultaneously infer innuendo and religious connotations! Now I'm not pulling a Charlie Hebdo here but I did find this commentary a noteworthy link.  PARENTAL WARNING:  a botanical dose of Holy Grail humor should be liberally applied here so don't tell me I didn't warn ya! Anyone casting judgment shall be flogged with a wet noodle! Personally I enjoyed learning more about how Passiflora Caerulea got its name, innuendos aside.
With that said, I do respectfully wish all observers out there a Happy Easter.  In doing so, consider this weeks Wild Indigo thought: what if Yeshua's life purpose was to awaken humanity from its slumber for us to remember that to abide in the vine means to live as we already are ~ Divine.

And as always, may happiness be like rays of sunshine in your mind, body and soul.

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