Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Seeds Seeds and More Seeds!

Institutions don't save seeds ~ human hearts do.

Yes its that magical time of year where cabin fever reaches a fever pitch and plans for the garden are at their prime! Welcome back to Wild Indigo where this week it's all about Marsha! Marsha! Marsha! - I mean Seeds! Seeds! Seeds! Now if you recall last week it was all about the aloe but they've agreed to take a back seat in lieu of timely information pertinent to every gardener from novice to botanical guru.  For its that time of year where we're putting our well laid plans and intentions for the Spring garden into motion. What I should've done was taken a picture of all of the seed catalogs that I've studied since December foundational to my strategy but I've already mentioned this in a previous post. So if you haven't done so already order your seed catalogs pronto!!  Now hold on to your seats as we dive into this weeks topic.

The introductory picture sets the stage: center stage is the The Master Seed List followed by Invoices at stage right and hovering above command central is the Theater of Operations Map. Now as many a gardener knows there's a certain mythical lure and sparkleitis appeal that sets in while gazing at the pretty pictures of seed catalogs.  Perhaps its the glossy pages, the colorful photographs, the crinkle of the paper or smell of the ink ~ who really knows. But beware of buyers remorse at the expense of your wallet when ordering seeds.  To avoid such demise, after a thorough filtering of list upon list, I finally pared down my fav picks into two categories: essentials and splurges. I limited the splurges and retained the latter, producing a colorful palette worthy of Monet!  (but some splurges are factored in 'cause girls just wanna have fun!)

Speaking of said list, here it is. 

The "A" List of Celtic Garden nominees!
These are the individuals nominated by the Academy.  However, when forming said list one must consider the obvious: where am I going to actually grow that plant in my garden? Am I in the right planting zone to support the optimal growing needs of this plant? What about sunlight exposure? How many days until germination? Remember young sky walker: don't be swayed by the spellbinding catalog ink! The more thought and preparation you "sow" the more success you'll reap!

The segway is just begging an entrance here so onto the next step in the proverbial Celtic Game of Thrones: The Staging Map. 

Its a good idea to take a 'snapshot' of your garden and put it to paper.  Keep a master copy for duplication and have at it! This is a glimpse of my Spring/Summer beds. I'm planning on spinning a few in the hopes of yielding several crops for harvest within weeks of one another. The goal is to have continual product to bring to market and for personal use. This is the first season I've laid out such intricate plans and the excitement to begin has reached epic proportions.  (enter 2001 A Space Oddesey timpani roll) Actually, completing this exercise prompted me for the very first time to create a "sowing and harvesting schedule" which I'll go into further detail about at a later date. Now mind you what the gardens of our dreams look like, especially on paper, and what they actually grow into will be two different scenarios. But for me the pleasure of building my dreams into existence is well worth the effort. :D

You don't have to be an accountant to be a great gardener but keeping good buying records just makes sense.

A creative check and balance system great for future reference!

For each company I place an order with, I attach my original seed list to the printed receipt creating a dual check and balance system. At delivery the order receipt - not the packing slip in case of an error - is used.  Each item is checked off making sure nothing slips between the cracks. Imagine the disappointment of realizing that you forgot to order that prized "Vulcan Blue" watermelon you know would be the envy of all your neighbors! Oh tragedy!! (woa - is there really such a thing? Nah ~ that's just my humble Spock tribute. RIP dear Leonard)

Get this: Southern Exposure Seed Exchange packages their seeds in recycled catalog pages!
Alas! All the planning and strategy begins its fruition as seeds begin filling up your mailbox.  Oh happy day!!! At times a bonus seed packet will magically appear in your order compliments of the company, adding to the thrill. (Bakers creek is notorious for such warm gestures) Botanical Interest ships their orders in a biodegradable box which becomes red wriggler Hotel California. Pictured here are just some of the seeds I've ordered. Considering the investment the goal is to cast the nets and make a profit. Let's keep our fingers crossed! What will be growing in your field of dreams this year? Remember Sustainable Neighbors would love to see YOU participate in our urban garden tour so start planning.

As for this weeks wild indigo application my observation is this: joy is found in courage. Now please excuse me then as I'm off to the mailbox to see if the paperboy's brought any good news. See you next week and until then may happiness be a ray of sunshine to your mind, body and soul.

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