Thursday, April 9, 2015

Well I never did THAT before! Wild Foraged SALAD!

Hey Wild Indigo readers! This is a *SPECIAL EDITION* blog entry of timely importance. I've been listening to a FOOD AS MEDICINE webinar online from Asheville, NC that's completely free! These workshops so far have been amazing, especially the vein of sharing experience and information regarding foraging for seasonal medicinal foods that are likely growing in your back yard as I type! This webinar, although free, is only available for listening for a VERY LIMITED time - in fact in some instances for only a few hours post posting of this blog.  So let's get to it!
After listening to "Marc Williams & Luke Cannon: The Power of Wild Salad & Pesto: Foraging for detoxifying wild greens & edible flowers (with Marc). Wild Tea Party: Infusing & imbibing wild herbs for energy, balance, digestion & immunity (with Luke)," I was TOTALLY inspired to kick off my shoes, walk out into the Celtic Garden to see what she's providing for me to knaw on! Now mind you not only are these foods in my garden organic (because I don't use any weed killers or ant killers, etc..) but since they're in season they're growing for a bifold reason: for nutrition and for medicinal value.  
Listen to the webinar or peruse the guest speakers websites for ideas on what plants are safe to forage, what parts are edible and how they benefit our bodies.  All plants pictured were freshly picked and eaten within 30 minutes of picking. 
 **IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER** I do NOT use any chemical treatments whatsoever on my property or garden which makes edible plants organic and safe for human consumption. If you use Roundup or any chemical fertilizer on your property do NOT eat your edible plants until you consult a landscaping professional. Call the 1-800 number on the bottle of your chemicals to determine if your plants would be safe to eat.
From left to right: apple mint, oregano, wild onion, flowers of dandelion blooming cabbage and wild violet, two types of dandelion, morris heading cabbage, dino kale, spinach, and another type of dandelion.  On the cutting board: freshly picked bronze fennel, carrot greens, tops of morris heading cabbage ready to bloom.
  So after washing the plants they marched willingly onto the cutting board.

Lookin good guys!
So how could I slather chemical laden salad dressing on this delectable food? I whipped up a quick dressing with the following ingredients.

 A little fresh lemon juice would've been a great addition

Not only was this by far the prettiest salad I've ever created but as I munched away, I'd forgotten how raw food - especially on this caliber - makes my body feel.  I had a surge of energy as if my cells said "ahh, finally some REAL food!" Seriously, I can literally FEEL more energy and sense that this food has been fully appreciated by my body.

Now I had expected this to taste really bitter but because the leaves were young this salad was far from bitter.  It tasted just like any other salad bar in town except I grew it hand in hand with Mother Nature who offers her finest in season plants in my very own back yard.

NOW REPEAT AFTER ME: Use COMMON sense!! Dandelion plants have jagged leaves.  Some are hairy and might actually be wild lettuce.  I am certainly NOT an expert which is why this link is far more informative to get started. 

I feel compelled to post this link and share my experience with you as time is of the essence.  Most of the discussions will be available to listen to up to Friday evening at 9:00 pm EST here in the States.

I hope you too are inspired to create a dish for yourself that is not only highly nutritious but medicinal! Our relationship with food has so changed over the years. What if we started thinking about food as medicine, not just something pleasurable to chew and swallow or nutritious? If we thought of food as medicine? How would our relationship with food change, evolve and become augmented with the needs of our bodies instead of just be something served out of a package choked down out of a unappetizing bag on the way to work.

Eat something WILD this week and enjoy the Asheville Webinar!

And as always may happiness be like rays of sunshine in your mind body and soul!


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