Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Spring 2015 Sustainable Neighbors Garden Tour

Greetings Wild Indigo readers! April is nearly ca-put but with its plentiful rains it ushers in May's fragrant flowers and another epic event.  In case you've been living under a rock and haven't heard yet, for local dwellers, this Sunday marks the fourth annual Spring 2015 Sustainable Neighbors Garden Tour. We'll be meeting at Arsenal Bridge May 3rd at 2:00 pm until 3:00 pm. From there we'll disperse as each participant is free to tour the gardens of their choice at their leisure.  I'll be closing up shop at 5:30 to join the tour myself. Addresses for all of gardens will be provided at the Arsenal Bridge location so bring your GPS for a fun-filled afternoon of adventure! Not only is Sunday slated to be a glorious day weather wise but us sustainable Neighbors are tickled pink to have you be a part of the tour! As for myself, I personally want to thank everyone for opening up their Alice In Wonderland gardens. Lets see just how far down the rabbit hole goes! For more info the following link will quench your curiosity:

As you can tell, uber high gear is my current modus operandi in getting ready for this weekends event.  In fact the creative juices have been overflowing and the Wild Indigo plans slated for this year's  Celtic Garden are well under way. The wild indigo journey is spilling into the new work as a creative outlet and gateway for contemplative meditation.  Now to just live it out consistently with ever-present mindfulness .... ahhh, there's the rub!

Anyway, as I was tending the garden I unearthed a curious underground dweller.  At first look I thought it a worm but after closer observation (dorsal scales kinda gave it away) I deduced this was no worm Vern!  Here ~ have a look-see for yourself!

Eastern Worm Snake

The underside of this individual was pink which initially led me to believe it was just another squirmy wormy in my garden! Now at least for me rarely so I come across a snake in the garden, especially in the part of the garden this little one was found in. It was small.  The green leaf to the right was a wild violet leaf which might give you a vague idea of its size, well, at least the part of it I hadn't chopped to smithereens! I found the severed tail fragment after turning over more soil which squirmed around headless chicken style in my hand. Cool? Why yes, yes it was!

After some quick research I've determined that this little guy was a Eastern Worm snake.  Although they can grow to the tune of a foot in length, all told this one was barely seven inches. Its non-venomous and burrows using its pointed head (CONEHEAD!!) into cracks and crevices.  They consume worms and larvae and lumps and chunks preferring to dwell underground or in rotting logs. Unfortunately this guy's fossorial multi-pass has just been revoked.

Of course the best of the best of the Celtic Garden will not be pictured this week but to tantalize your visual cones and rods here's a few cursory snapshots.


Strawberries -N- Green

Dino Kale got wild -n- crazy with Eschscholzia Calfornica .....

Bastard Balm

Soap wort and Horehound

.... and these guys were all ears, Lamb's Ears, that is!

For more Celtic Garden mayhem be sure to join us for the tour this weekend and until then may happiness be a ray of sunshine in your heart, mind and soul!

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