Thursday, May 7, 2015

Looking Back, Looking Forward

Greetings Wild Indigo readers! It's officially May and amidst the dancings around Maypoles we had a most wonderful Sustainable Neighbors Farm Tour last weekend.  Whomever wished for perfect weather received their wish, for the cloudless sky was simply perfect. A sincere thanks to all the hosts and participants who made this event such a success!

There's so much I'd like to write.  So many words are springing from my tongue, many thoughts swirling in my mind .... and just where to start ......  oh my! 

So let's start here: What inspires you? And from where do you draw that inspiration? What is it in your life that stirs awe and wonder? What blows your mind? Can you put your finger on it? What ignites creative sparks of magic within you?

Is it a book that feeds your brainmeats? Answers to the quest you seek? Destiny or the luck of the draw? Is it that which you conquest? Or what rewards you at the end of the day? A long conversation flowered with  eloquent words and creative thoughts? A sunset or the moon? The chance meeting with a hummingbird or the payoff after developing a successful project?

Call me crazy but seeds and plants and their potential of life and bounty send me reeling. They amaze me, thoroughly. After giving them just a little water and decent growing conditions they germinate, releasing their life force into the world and greeting it with a smile for all to enjoy.

Beauty inspires me. So does vivid color and unforgettable aromas. Last weekend we visited the Gardens of Eden here in Fayetteville. But creating your own private Garden of Eden takes time and much patience, mainly in our own trials and failures. You must believe in yourself and in your hands which cast the seeds into the dirt. You must trust the process and flow with it.  Who can control to the nth degree when those seeds will germinate? Nobody can calculate the exact time they rapture into  life. All we know is that under the right circumstances the Garden will grow into its essence of life.

We have all been in the Garden at least once and I believe we'll all return as the colors all fade into ONE. It's only a matter of time. And yes the gates will let you stroll in just leave your ego at the door.

Here are some glimpses of my piece of heaven.  

Until next time, may happiness be a ray of sunshine in your heart, mind and soul.

Everything is everything. What is meant to be will be.  Change comes eventually.  ~ Lauryn Hill

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