Thursday, May 21, 2015

Rain Drops on Roses

Greetings Wild Indigo readers! The mild spring weather has taken a turn into hot and humid just in time for the upcoming Memorial Day weekend which is the unofficial start of summer! Yay for summer!

This week we had a nice rainstorm Tuesday afternoon which filled up the rain barrels and gave the garden a lovely Irish spring shower. So of course I had to take snap shots.

Drunkards Dream

Raindrops remind me of twinkle lights

Citronella Plant

Golden Snow Peas

Black Fennel
Raindrops looked like Christmas tree ornaments in the sunshine

Georgia Collards

Georgia Plum Coral Bell

Just planted the Clemson Spineless and Burgundy Okra as the golden snowpeas are showing signs that their time is coming to an end.  The squash/melon bed is progressing nicely but I'm hoping to have a photographic treat for you in upcoming weeks so stay tuned!

Until next time may happiness be like rays of sunshine in your mind, body and soul!

Keep calm, breathe deeply and be sustained by the love, peace, joy and kindness of those around you!

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