Friday, May 15, 2015

Sowin in the Seeds of Love

Greetings Wild Indigo readers! How've ya been?  There's been some wild action here at the Celtic Gardens that I can't wait to share with you but first thing's first:
A Lament to the FSU Board of Trustees.

An Ode to WFSS playin the coolest jazz 'n town,
whose smooth rhythms and blues made ya wanna get down!
Airing sweet jazz tracks since '77 when most present-day students weren't even a livin!
Jazz music fills the mind with soul hard core but Fayetteville won't be hearin them beats no more
'cause Mr. Anderson says it's time to go 'cause FSU needs some dough.
Adieu Kathy Clause ~ thanks for reporting local news and the weather up to date.
Adieu Omega Jones ~ for keepin it real with a DJ style that's smooth and great.
Adieu New Urban Jazz Lounge I'll try to stream ya on Saturday nights
but most of all FSU 's let our Fayetteville community down big time, quite right!

So, with that being said, let's talk turkey ... or in this case cat bird.  Now there's lots of birds and insects flyin around the Celtic Garden as of late and I've had several photo opportune moments so let's get on with this weeks blog!

Meet Momma Meow - Cat Bird, that is! Actually we're still getting acquainted so I'm not sure if this is Momma or Pappa but together they sing a mean "Monday Monday." They have chosen to take up shop and build a nest in the arms of the coral honeysuckle. This is a first for never before have birds felt it a noble habitation site but I'm thrilled they have.  Let's hope they work out a trade agreement with the hummingbirds!

I'm too sexy for my brood, too sexy for my brood, so sexy it hurts!

Yes, yes I know you want to take a picture of me for I am worth a thousand words!

Here's the pair.  Shortly after the shot was taken one looked at the other and said: You look maarrrvelous!

This picture was shot on Monday and you can see below how the nest building had progressed considerably in just two days.

We'll carefully document the new inhabitants of the Celtic Garden and see how many broods they produce.  Yay!

Now, in other garden news, new flowers have arrived! To my delight German Chamomile reseeded from last year! I was about to rip it up nearly mistaking it for a noxious weed when the fragrant waif  argued its rescue. Commonly described as having a pineapple scent its whimsical foliage brightens up this garden spot. Not to mention that the flowers invite a variety of insects to sup, creating the perfect pollination buffet.

Look at that sweet Lamb's face! And the small flowers remind me of little puckering lips!
This is a first for me ~ flowering Lamb's Ear.  Never before have I ever grew this variety to its full course to yield this sassy reward.  In hindsight I've always managed to kill the plant with kindness ~  too much sun exposure. This is a garden staple for both English and Victorian gardens ~ and for Celtic! ; )

The next photo is of an herbaceous "Irish Eyes" Rudbeckia which was planted last fall. The one by the house died but this one survived the cold out by the street bed. Notice the cheery conehead whose golden sunflower color graduates at the ends which finally meet at the distinctive green center. 

A Flock of Seagulls, ahem! I mean Lambs!
So that ends another round of Wild Indigo.  Incidentally, Wild Indigo has been obtained. Stay tuned as the Indigo Grows!

Life Lesson: You are yourself. You aren't your Mother or your Father. You are your own independent being who depends on nothing short but love and kindness to be the beautiful person you are!

Until next week may happiness be a ray of sunshine to your mind, heart and soul.

P.S. Thank you Mr. B.B. King for the full measure of soul you jammed over the years!

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