Friday, June 12, 2015

Going, Going, GONE!

Greetings Wild Indigo readers! A few pop-up showers are gracing our gardens as I type so I'm happy the garden is getting a drink. We also had some significant atmospheric events Tuesday night as a severe storm passed through our area.  The atmosphere went from neon yellow to neon green and then red to orange.  At first glance it could've been mistaken for the sunset but I grabbed my emergency items and got the hanker down closet ready just in case. Thankfully all is well but keep those emergency items ready folks! So after a few weeks on sabbatical from blogger land I'm back with a pretty picture heavy issue that will knock your flip flops off so let's get to it, strike a pose, there's nothing to it .....!!!!

In case you haven't heard here in these thar parts there's a kickin nursery in Sanford named Big Bloomers.  Not only do they have an astounding selection of plants but thye have a lovely selection of fountains and garden decor to include your truly's Celtic bird bath. As the temperatures are warming up the neighborhood fowls make frequent visits to refresh themselves. Planted around the feathered spa are black-eyed susans which have begun to bloom, asian day lilies and purple echnecia. Just lovin how the color pallet is coming together in this bed. The asian day lilies smelled glorious!
So the garden is changing its shape from the spring plantings on towards the summer offerings. In the far rear bed pole beans are taking center stage while the collards are having their last hurrah.  Believe it or not there's also tomato plants back there but with more time they'll start perking up as their growth is slow but promising. In the right bed the golden peas pictured here are no more for their glory days have come and gone.  They are replaced with Clemson Spineless and Burgundy okra varieties.  Once more collards and carrots and beets are plucked this will be the grains bed. The front bed is burstin with beans and thus far I've picked over 2# worth! The zinnias in the left bed are in bloom, attracting butterflies and other beneficial pollinators.  I'm still waiting to set my eyes upon the yellow canary birds.

Home grown carrot and golden beet. Now gimme a kimchee recipe!
A baby Praying Mantis outside my office window kept me company this week.

Someone suggested I post a picture of the Devils Horned Egyptian onion so here ya go!  : ) Notice the absence of the golden pea crop in the background.

Now plants show up sometimes in the darnedest places! Thanks to a friend who stayed my weed picking hand from yankin this little guy out of the pot, a most welcomed and prolific ground cherry has taken residence in last year's ginger pot.  Hmmmm ... would be an interesting combination: pineapplie, strawberrish, gingery yumminess!

Now this next plant has taken an unexpected turn for I thought it was merely a mint plant of lemon variety. But as it has continued its vertical span you can see how it resembles bee balm.  Its a welcome addition to the deck garden.

Before we end this weeks installation I've got one more announcement. Now for those who know me as a soap maker I'm expanding my interests and diving into new ventures. This week at the Fayetteville City Market I'll have not only Sunbalm SPF 30, as requested, but a new item of interest: organic bug spray! And boy does it WORK GREAT!!!! There's a few more secrets up my sleeve but we'll keep them tucked away in my magic sleeve for another day.

So as always may happiness be a ray of sunshine in your mind, body and soul.

P. S. The baby cat birds have taken flight not even 30 days since the building of their nest.  Going, going gone! ; )

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